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D-Tap Adapter for Canon 5D, 7D, 6D, 600D - Vmount Dummy Battery Coupler
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Canon EOS 5D
The coupler is used in conjunction with a compatible adapter allows you to power your Digital Camera directly from a Power source.   This is a preferable means of powering the camera when shooting video situation where the camera may need to be powered up for long periods of time.  

This is a dummy battery adaptor for the Canon EOS 5DMKII | Canon EOS 5DMKIII | Canon EOS 7D | Canon EOS 6D | Canon EOS 60D & 60DA Attached to a cable mounted 2-Pin Power-Con (D-Tap), it allows the user to power an EOS Camera from an external broadcast battery source. Now prominently used in HD recording and time-lapse photography, these cameras can now be powered from V-Lock (and other) types of battery.  The advantages of using a single high capacity battery over dozens of standard Canon LP-E6 batteries are obvious. This dummy battery/power-adapter just needs to be plugged into a D-Tap power socket on a suitable battery fitting.  The dummy battery contains an 8.4V regulator, so is compatible with any output distributing 12-24V.

  Camera:  EOS 5D Mark III  5D Mark II  6D  7D   60D   60Da Below are photos of my Rig (Shoulder Rig) with the Coiled Cable D-Tap Battery Adapter On every of my video-shoot sets, I never run out of battery juice because the D-Tap Adapter has made it possible for me to be able to use the V-Mount Battery. I have used the None-D-Tap Canon Dummy Battery and it works sometimes but most times it doesn't and switching to the D-Tap Canon Dummy Battery was one of the best decision i've ever made.

Canon 5D MK III is a very good Camera but with MAGIC LANTERN installed, it becomes a GREAT Camera, as you can see in the photo am all Rigged-Up and with the help of the Coiled Power Cable D-Tap Battery Adaptor I Shoot Like A Pro!!!  

These Adapters enables you to shoot like a Pro especially empowering you your DSLR Camera for a very Long Video Shoot. While the VMount Adapter is the DSLR Shooters Best Choice, it is so flexible that you can use it for any type of CINE Battery Pinch as long as it has the P-TAP OR D-TAP Connection. It’s is also a perfect choice for big and small business.